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The Try My Nuts phone app is now available for download at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Download it to receive special savings both in our retail locations as well as online. There's a loyalty program, pictures, videos and more! New stuff will be added all the time.

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What our happy customers are saying about our nuts...

We have been to the OBX for 5 years and this past year was our first(but not our last)visit into Try My Nuts in Avon. Was a bit shocked when the employee met us at the door and asked if we wanted some "BUTT RUB". I asked if this was an appropriate question to ask of tourist, then we tried the BUTT RUB peanuts. Now we are hooked! And we didnt stop there.
Kim and Tim Arms
Maytown, Pa
This store definitely leaves an impression from the time you walk in to weeks after leaving. We stopped by on our way to the beach, and I never thought that I would have "white trash" on my mind so much. I can't wait to come back in a few weeks and get enough to last until I come back to the coast. The staff was friendly, and the sauces, nuts, etc..were extraordinary!! Who knew, that white trash could actually be a good thing!
Charlotte, NC
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You'd be surprised at how many people pass by our stores without stopping because they thought all we had were Peanuts.  Some people find the Try My Nuts name to be offensive and that's why they don't stop. When you enter our stores, you will notice that we offer lots of samples and we talk to you about our products and snacks.  We tell you what's in them and how they're made.  We don't just leave them in a bowl for you to sample.  We want you to understand that many of our products are hand made and created by other small business owners like ourselves.

 Some other items you will find in our stores are sauces. . . lots and lots of sauces!  We never realized how many pepperheads were out there.  A majority of our customers prefer their snacks spicy or down right hot!  Hot Sauces have been a big hit in our stores along with Salsa's, BBQ Sauces, Gourmet Dips, Spices and Rubs.  Don't worry about some of the samples being too hot because we will cool you down with some of our sweet treats such as our White Trash, White Chocolate Cashew Toffee, and our Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanuts.

 We also have Try My Nuts Tee Shirts, Boxers, Shot Glasses, Beer CooziesCoffee Mugs, and Tumblers.  Lots of gift ideas too like our Nut of the Month Clubs.   So we hope you will stop in the next time you're passing one of our retail locations.  Of course you can always shop here too. No free samples but there's lots of tempting pics to drool over!

If you would like to place an order over the phone or have any questions, contact us by email at or by phone at 540-737-4612 and we will be glad to assist you.

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